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Teledyne RD Instruments: Measuring water in motion and motion in water.

ADCP by TRD Instruments, USA.

Channel Master H-ADCP. The compact, versatile and affordable Channel Master is a two-beam, horizontally oriented ADCP designed to obtain high accuracy velocity data at ranges from 1 to 300 meters, utilizing 1 to 128 cells of data. The Channel Master is ideally suited for use in rivers, streams, estuaries, open channels, ports and harbors.

Stream Pro ADCP. The Stream Pro ADCP revolutionizes discharge and velocity measurement in stream from 15-200 cm in depth. The 'bottom tracking' capability provides the ability to move continuously across the stream to obtain a discharge measurement in two or three minutes instead of thirty minutes to an hour using the older point-by-point method. A wireless data link between the instrument and the user allows flexibility in deployment. You can move the Stream Pro across the channel from a bridge, from a tag line, or by wading rod.

It is a product line of current-meter profilers which are easy to use and provide premium performance at economical cost. It is available in 3 frequencies varying from 15 m to 600 m reach, users gain unmatched low noise measurements of water currents. Workhorse ADCP’s are compact, light-weight, low in cost, easy to deploy and maintain. High reliability, flexible operation (range and resolution) with real-time checking of data quality, low power consumption and low service requirements meet the broadest range of consumer needs. Upgrades are available for pressure sensor, bottom tracking and operation at depths up to 6000m. Approximately 10000 Teledyne Workhorse ADCP’s have been purchased in 50 countries worldwide.

Workhorse Rio Grande: It deploys across moving water, capable of measuring river discharge when mounted on a boat or towed across the water by hand. New ZedHed technology extends the range of Rio Grande into shallow water streams. The Rio Grande ADCP can determine the water profile from 0.3 meter deep to over 50 meters depending on frequency. This ADCP collects the real time data in Window based WinRiver II software.

Workhorse Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP): It can be mounted at a fixed location looking across the flow to give an ongoing horizontal profile of 1 to 128 independent measurements, depending on user choices. Excellent range and resolution are combined in one instrument. As always, TRDI's strict engineering standards result in delivery of the highest quality data from a robust package.

Workhorse 300 kHz Long Range Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP): Same proven technology, now applied to the deep water environment. The new 300 kHz Long Range Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP) is an acoustic monitoring system that "looks" out horizontally up to 300 meters from a rig, other offshore structure or vessel to measure near surface water currents.

Workhorse Waves Array ADCP: Better than a directional wave buoy, more powerful than a single instrument. Get the performance and results of an expensive waves array without the cost and complexity.

Workhorse Sentinel: It can be mounted up-looking or down-looking at a fixed location for self contained operation (internal memory and alkaline battery pack). It records data internally during 6-12 months duration (Sometimes used as a backup for a real-time link).  It comes with Windows-based software for planning, deployment, recovery and data display.

Workhorse Monitor: It can be mounted at a fixed location for acquiring and displaying data in real-time. Available in 3 frequencies varying from 15m to 100m reach for measuring water currents. It uses direct cable connection to external power supply and PC computer and operation at great depth.

Workhorse Mariner: Researchers and commercial surveyors working in coastal waters saw what our best-selling Sentinel instrument could do. So they asked us for a version for underway current profiling from inshore hydrographic survey vessels. Mariner is the result. It gives fine along-track resolution. Thanks to TRDI's superior low-noise data, including bottom tracking. It is easily teamed with the vessel's DGPS input to integrate its readings with precise position information.

Workhorse Long Ranger: It can be mounted down to 1500m at a fixed location. It has 500-600 m reach for measuring water currents for 6-12 month duration. It is housed in a surprisingly compact and lighter weight package (50 cm transducer diameter, 4 alkaline battery packs) that is much easier to handle; enables users flexible operation (long range or high resolution) and premium performance (low data noise), yet is priced much less than its 75kHz predecessors. It comes with Windows-based software for planning, deployment, recovery and data display.

Workhorse Navigator: The Workhorse Navigator provides a powerful combination of sensors in a compact package for ROV, AUV, or towed fish navigation and control. The Workhorse Navigator measures 3-D bottom track and/or water-referenced vehicle velocity and altitude. It also measures heading, pitch and roll and temperature. The Workhorse Navigator can be upgraded to perform water current profiling and dredge plume or sediment tracking. Visit the TRDI website for comprehensive product line details of Workhorse Navigator.

Ocean Surveyor ADCP:  It adds a new chapter to TRDI's unique contribution to the worldwide open-ocean research fleet. More than 250 vessel-mounted ADCP’s have been installed around the world. These ADCP's provide detailed maps of the distribution of water currents and suspended materials through the water column and along the ship's path. In real time, the ADCP is also used to aid in-situ decision making, to adapt field operations and to understand current regime characteristics.

Ocean Observer ADCP:  TRDI dominates the offshore oil and gas sector with field-proven instruments designed to facilitate exploration drilling, field development and production. TRDI acoustic Doppler systems and software have been chosen by the majority of offshore operators worldwide to support their exploration drilling programs. This support is provided for station-holding, riser deployment and monitoring ROV operations and marine operations - and the data is all gathered and displayed in real time to enable crucial operational decisions to be made. The user selects between TRDI's high resolution or long range settings for the greatest flexibility in operation.

Doppler Volume Sample (DVS): Newly released Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS) is now available for 6000M operation. DVS is ideally suited for your long-term shallow -- and now deep-water -- moored current measurement applications. The DVS can provide substantially improved data quality over traditional single point solutions, allowing for up to 5 bins of high resolution velocity data over a range of up to 5 meter. It measures velocity profiles at up to 40 times per second, allowing mm/s precision at a 1 Hz update rate. The DVS can be programmed to run a preconfigured sampling strategy, which need not be interrupted should the operator decide to communicate with the DVS to download data or command additional samples. Optional next-generation internal inductive modem and high-precision (0.005°C) thermistor, both from Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

RiverRay ADCP: RiverRay, a new ADCP for moving discharge measurement. It is Patented Phased array design to provide a small, flat, single-face design with several key advantages. It has velocity Profiling Range from 30 cm to 40 meter. It’s easy to carry, deploy and operate. It has auto adaptive set up (no user setup is required) / data collection which optimize your discharge measurement from bank to bank, thus ensuring the highest quality data without your intervention. DGPS compatible – integrate an external DGPS for difficult conditions, such as moving beds. This ADCP is compatible with Win River II Software.


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