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DeepWater Buoyancy, USA

ADCP Buoys

ADCP buoys from DeepWater Buoyancy, USA are the only subsurface buoys for the oceanographic community that are specifically made to accommodate ADCP instrumentation. DeepWater Buoyancy has manufactured these buoys since 1988, developing their specialized design in collaboration with RD Instruments and ADCP users worldwide. From the Workhorse Sentinel and Long Ranger ADCP's to the largest NarrowBand and BroadBand Doppler's, DeepWater Buoyancy, USA? buoys meet the needs of user applications.

Superior hardware

Each DeepWater Buoyancy buoy is cast to shape to accommodate any acoustic doppler current profiler and a type 316 stainless steel mooring frame. Individual buoys may be customized for non-ADCP instrumentation and they can be provided with cast-in pockets for additional instruments, including pingers, flashers and ARGOS beacons.

The internal frame protects the transducers and carries the mooring load around the instrument. With a mooring eye at the top and bottom, the package can be used in an upward or downward looking configuration, or it may be used in-line.

Simple, Low-drag package

DeepWater Buoyancy ADCP buoys offer a convenient, simple package that is ready to go upon delivery. Buoys are designed around the instrumentation to create a unique, low-drag buoyancy system that reduces mooring inclination and improves the quality of data return. In addition to the standard spherical buoys, high-current and trawl resistant designs are available.

Failure-free Record Of Performance

DeepWater Buoyancy ADCP buoys are made from our high-performance DeepWater Buoyancy syntactic foams available with depth ratings from 300 to 6000m. Buoys are designed to outperform and outlast conventional mooring flotation. They require a minimum of maintenance and are extremely durable under the most rigorous deep water conditions.

Cable Floats

Low-drag Distributed Buoyancy

Hydrodynamic cable floats from Flotation Technologies provide low-drag distributed buoyancy for a variety of offshore, commercial, military and oceanographic applications. Available with two attachment methods and sized to fit any cable, these floats are one of the most versatile buoyancy products available. They are made from either Flotectm syntactic foam or polyurethane foam and are available with depth ratings from surface to 6000m.

Simple Attachment Methods

Cable floats may be secured anywhere along a cable and will stay in position during operations. Quick-loctm cable floats feature a hinge and latch system for frequent deployment and recovery, and Bolt-on style floats are well suited for long term deployments. Type 316 stainless steel, titanium, or composite hardware supplied

Heavy Duty Series

Heavy Duty (HD) series cable floats are ideal for large diameter armored cables. Designed to handle stresses caused by cable bending, they provide maximum performance and durability for a variety of applications. Both attachment methods offered.

A Reliable Alternative

Cable floats provide an exceptionally reliable alternative to more cumbersome buoyancy systems tied off to the side. Because they fit directly around a cable, chain, or line, there is no need for multiple terminations or additional attachment hardware. Unlike glass balls or metal floats, they cannot leak or implode. Flotec cable floats are made to stand up to the rigors of oceanographic and industrial marine uses. Two standard coatings are offered: Impact-resistant ABS plastic, or polyurethane elastomer.

Custom Fabricated Syntactic Foam Buoyancy

Custom fabricated syntactic foam products by DeepWater Buoyancy, USA offer a cost-effective and efficient way to provide buoyancy for specialized offshore, commercial, military and oceanographic projects. We use low cost tooling made in-house to produce any size, shape, or configuration. We can build to print, design to your specifications, or manufacture directly from CAD files.

Made to Perform

DeepWater Buoyancy syntactic foam products provide years of reliable service and are offered with depth ratings from the surface to 7000m. Only materials proven to perform under the most rigorous conditions are specified for the application, resulting in durable products of lasting quality.

Useful, Field Ready Products

Given your requirements, we can completely engineer and design full buoyancy systems and build them to specifications. We offer finished products for use immediately upon delivery, as well as blocks and near-net castings that can be prepared for final shaping or rapid fit up in the field. We also machine syntactic foam to high tolerances using in-house equipment. Modules can be supplied with a natural syntactic foam finish, or coated to your specifications.

The advantage of custom modules is that they can be designed around instrumentation, equipment, and user capabilities, providing an attractive option for those faced with performance or handling constraints. From simple to complex, single-piece or modular designs, custom molded parts provide exactly what is needed for an extremely wide variety of applications. Quick turnaround is offered for urgent requirements, as well as full design, support and technical assistance for O.E.M. products, retrofits, and replacement modules.



"Compact Recoverable Ocean Mooring"




The ROMOR C-ROM (Compact Recoverable Ocean Mooring) is an oceanographic subsurface mooring design that offers a reliable, compact solution to mooring and recovering oceanographic instrumentation. The design offers a subsurface flotation collar that provides approximately 80 lbf positive buoyancy for use in a seawater environment for depths up to 500 m. The flotation collars are designed to provide erection for the mooring design, and for future recovery of the subsurface mooring from the ocean floor. Essentially, the subsurface floatation collar fits around the acoustic release assembly and any oceanographic instrument that can accommodate the dimensions of the proposed design.

C-ROM Specifications:

  • Weight in air :98lbs (nominal)
  • Buoyancy in seawater:80 lbs (nominal)
  • Dimensions: 25” dia. X 23” high
  • Material: Syntactic Foam filled
  • Shell: Polyethylene
  • Depth Rating: 500m


  • C-ROM RotoDrum with up to 500m of anchor recovery line
  • Acoustic modems
  • Internal brackets for additional sensors
  • RF, Satellite and Flasher Recovery Beacons
  • Additional flotation and larger versions

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