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Hydrographic Survey Software by Hypack Inc. USA

HYPACK® is a Windows ™- based software package used primarily for hydrographic surveying and data processing. HYPACK® performs all of the tasks necessary to complete your survey from beginning to end.

  • Geodetic Parameters
  • Planned Line Design
  • Equipment Configuration
  • Data Collection supporting over 200 sensors.
  • Data Processing
  • Tides and Sound Velocity
  • Sounding Reduction
  • Export to DXF/DGN
  • Plotting of Smooth Sheets
  • Volumes by Section
  • Volumes by Surface Model
  • Contouring to DXF
  • 3D Visualization
  • Side Scan Collection and Processing
  • ACDP Collection and Display

 Additional Modules:



Navigation and ECDIS software by Seven C's

SEVEN C's Marine navigation and chart making software. Based in Hamburg, SevenCs develops S-57 chart display Kernels for ECDIS, WECDIS and other maritime applications, ENC production and distribution software, and professional maritime navigation software.

In addition to the software they provide a complete range of complementary services, including training, consultancy, and customer support. We offer a comprehensive range of software that covers the complete digital navigation supply chain, including products and tools for:

  • Creating digital charts to international standards,
  • Distributing digital chart data to mariners and other users,
  • Developing chart display applications, and
  • Navigating for specialist applications.

Different Products offered by Seven C's are as follows: 

  • ORCA Master: ORCA Master is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for marine navigation that integrates all the functions required for safe navigation using official electronic charts.


  • ORCA Pilot: ORCA Pilot is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for pilots that provides dedicated functionality for special operations like docking and maneuvering in shallow waters and narrow fairways in addition to a complete set of functions for safe navigation with electronic charts.

ORCA Pilot Product Sheet

  • ORCA Navy: ORCA Navy is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for military purposes that provides dedicated functionality for displaying S-57 AML data as well as Geo-Tiff images. It also integrates all the functions required for safe navigation using electronic charts.

    ORCA Navy Product Sheet

  • ENC Designer: ENC Designer is the central application of the SevenCs ENC tools production suite. It is a powerful and very easy to use software tool that has been developed for the pro- duction of S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). However, chart production with ENC Designer is not limited to ENCs – Inland ENCs, AML, Port ECDIS and bathymetric products are also supported as well. ENC Designer is supplied as a package with ENC Manager and ENC Referencer.

    ENC Designer Product Sheet

  • ENC Analyzer: ENC Analyzer is the validation component of the SevenCs ENC Tools suite and is distributed by L-3 Oceania and SevenCs worldwide. ENC Analyzer validates S-57 ENC, Inland ENC and AML cells, performing an extensive series of checks to identify the wide variety of errors that can occur during the initial production phase and subsequent maintenance cycles.

    ENC Analyzer Product Sheet

  • ENC Optimizer: ENC Optimizer helps to produce better electronic charts. Its wide range of optimization functions can be fully integrated into SevenCs Chart Production Workflow. ENC Optimizer has powerful checks to detect and eliminate topology errors and provides automated functions for labor intensive production processes. Different types of data reduction methods can be applied to the overall data set. Data improvement with ENC Optimizer contributes to better performance in the end ECDIS or ECS application.

    ENC Optimizer Product Sheet

  • ENC Encryptor: ENC Encryptor Package comprises ENC Encryptor and ENC Permit Generator. It allows organizations producing Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to encrypt and sign their data according to the IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme. ENC information can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized copying of data. Moreover ENC encryption can be used as an instrument to grant access to only those charts that the customer has acquired licenses for. The respective chart access keys are created with ENC Permit Generator.  To assure that the data came from an approved source digital signatures are used.

    ENC Encryptor Package

  • ENC Cartographer: ENC Cartographer enables you to create and maintain INT1/INT2 compliant paper charts from your S-57 ENC data source. ENC Tools now provide an end-to-end digital and paper chart production and maintenance capability. ENC Cartographer allows you to layout your paper chart, add plans and insets, automatically generate the Zone of Confidence diagram (ZOC), the Tidal Streams panel, Compass Roses, INT 2 compliant borders and scale bars, all from object and attribute data from the loaded ENC or ENCs. All work carried out in ENC Cartographer is recorded in a layout file so that the source ENC is not modified in any way. The layout file holds all editing done by the cartographer facilitating minimal editing when an ENC update is applied.

    ENC Cartographer Product Sheet

  • S-57 Writer for FME: The Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from “Safe Software” is a powerful software tool for the conversion of digital data from one format into another. SevenCs FME S-57 Writer Plugin is an extension for FME Professional that allows FME users to export their data into S-57 format in order to produce ENCs, IENCs, AMLs or custom S-57 products. SevenCs developed the S-57 Writer in close cooperation with Safe Software Inc. and its German partner con terra GmbH.

    FME S-57 Writer Product Sheet

  • ENC Contour Generator: ENC Contour Generator is a software tool that can be used to generate depth contours at defined intervals from xyz depth data (i.e. clouds of depth points defined by geographic coordinates and a depth value). The resulting contours can be exported to either S-57 or SENC where they are stored as S-57 depth contours.

    ENC Contour Generator Product Sheet


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